Easy One Stitch Embroidery Projects for Beginners | Step-by-Step

Hi everyone, are you looking for easy one stitch embroidery projects for beginners? You are in the right place – I have several ideas and will add more embroidery projects in the future.

So, come and join me on a creative journey – embroidery is a beautiful art and a lot can be done by learning just one stitch.

Straight stitch for Beginners

You can make different embroidery projects just with straight stitches.

Butterfly embroidery on cotton Tunic 

For this project, you need a few basic supplies – a needle, a thread of your choice and your favourite tunic.

I have also explained the full process in one minute 😉


If you have any question, you can leave them here or on my YouTube channel. I reply as soon as I can.

How to Embroider Fantasy Flower on a Hat by Hand

Have youbeen wondering how to embroider on a hat by hand? Learn to embroider fantasy flower on a hat by hand. This is super easy and fun project to make. This is really fast ONE !!! stitch project 🙂

I used Anchor threads, here is my color scheme for my flower:

Here is a list that starts from top corners of flower #69 #68 #86 #92 #97 #118 #121 – this is last color nad is used in the Center of flower.

Chain stitch for Beginners

You can make different embroidery projects just with chain stitches. I will probably add more projects because chain stitch is versatile.

How to embroider slippers

This was really awesome project to make, because I wear slippers every day. I bought these slippers with a cute pattern, so I decided to add colours. I really love the bold colours I have added to the 

YouTube short are always great to speed up the process 😉


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MORE Easy One Stitch Embroidery Projects for Beginners will be added 

I will be adding easy embroidery projects as I  create them. Please, let me know in the comments which stitch you would like to learn or apply to an embroidery project.

You can also check out my FREEBIES projects corner – here 🙂

Stay creative,


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