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Easy Guide on Embroidering Beautiful Cards

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I have a NEW course Hand Embroidery: Easy Guide on Embroidering Beautiful Cards on Udemy. This class is focusing on different motives that you can embroider on paper and is very versatile.

You can apply the knowledge you will learn on a variety of motives and create sets of unique embroidery cards for yourself and your loved ones for any occasion.

WHERE can you find the course Easy Guide on Embroidering Beautiful Cards class?

I have published my class on the Udemy platform, so you can find: https://www.udemy.com/course/hand-embroidery-easy-guide-on-embroidering-beautiful-cards/

WHY hand embroidery on paper?

Embroidery has inspired me a long time ago with colours and richness of textures. I have also experimented with embroidery on paper and was intrigued with all the possibilities and limitations that are offered with paper media. 

I have learned several things during my trial and error period, that I will be also sharing with you during this class.

WHAT will you learn?

This class is suitable for anyone’s level. Beginners that have never held a needle and thread in their hands will create their first project. More experienced embroidered will expand their embroidery knowledge on new paper media. New experiences often bring new creative ideas for future work.

I will teach you four different embroidery stitches and share with you 3 different projects that you can do with your new knowledge. I will also provide you with templates for a quicker start.

What supplies are needed

The start of this class is fairly easy, you can use supplies that you have already at home. You may have to purchase paper that is paper 220 grams or higher. I highly recommend you this purchase, because that will prevent distortion of your paper embroidery cards.

The main supplies and tools for this class are the following:

– any thread that you already have in your stash

– a needle that has a big enough eye for your thread to go through

– scissors

– masking tape/washi tape

– paper 220 grams or higher

Thank you

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really hope you will check out the intro for my NEW course Hand Embroidery: Easy Guide on Embroidering Beautiful Cards. If you have any questions, you can, please, let me know in the comments. I will be happy to answer them.

If you are looking for Christmas and New Year patterns, you can find them in this class: How to Make Hand Embroidery Christmas Cards.

Stay creative,

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