5 Easy Hand Embroidery Stitches for Beginners | Full Guide

When I started embroidery I was a bit afraid of how many stitches I will have to learn to embroider something beautiful. I was glad when I learned that I do not need to know a lot of stitches, most popular & useful I will describe for you here. These 5 Easy Hand Embroidery Stitches … Read more

Unicorn Embroidery for girls Christmas & birthday gift ideas

This page may contain some affiliate links. If you decide and purchase through there will be no additional cost to you. I will appreciate it because you help me support my business. Sharing is caring <3 I found this really awesome embroidery idea for girls. I will purchase it for my daughter. I do not … Read more

Free Christmas Patterns for Hand Embroidery Gifts | Step-By-Step Tutorial

December is around the corner, so I have started looking for ideas on how to embroider some cute ideas in different areas to bring the Christmas spirit into our family home. I really like creating handmade Christmas cards or bookmarks – but this year will be the first time that I use embroidery on them. If … Read more

How to make Embroidery Hand Gloves?

Are you like me? When you start to smell the winter, you cannot wait to get your gloves out of the closet? I am the proud owner of several different gloves. Some are knitted, one pair is read with lace and two are made of real leather. When I found Inga’s new course I have … Read more

Review: Luneville Embroidery Magic Fish Course

I would like to share with you my personal experience of participating in online luneville embroidery course Magic Fish that was held by Ina Marita in May 2020. This course was for beginners, they were teaching us the basics of luneville embroidery from A-Z. How to choose materials, how to use the frame, which hooks … Read more

Velvet Apple Hand Embroidery Course | Review

I would like to share with you my personal experience of participating in online course Velvet embroidery Apple that was held by Ina Marita in February 2020. She has now made available this online course on her official page (HERE). If you like apples and you wish to learn how to make 3D volumetric shapes … Read more

How to choose your first hand embroidery hoop?

When I decided that I will start to learn embroidery, I started to look where I can purchase one. I was watching beautiful embroideries on Pinterest and there were so many beautiful photos of unfinished works that were still on hand embroidery hoops and I was really excited that soon I will have one of … Read more