Product Review: Beginners Embroidery 2 pack Dog Kit – so adorable doggies

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Do you know friends that are proud dog owners? And are amazing at their care for them? I do. That’s why I wish to surprise them this year with the embroidery of their favourite pet. This year I wish to make embroidery for all of them, so I am buying beginner embroidery kits that are online for an awesome price. Some of the gits may even stay inside embroidery hoop – I will see where the creative path will lead me. I will share with you, how I used my finished embroidery.

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Price:  12,17 € (at time of purchase)

Shipping: 5,38 € to EU, Slovenia.


2 different patterns: you have 2 dogs already in the set

Embroidery threads, hoop and needle are already included in the kit – you can open the package and start your project – perfect beginners kit.

BONUS: the pattern is already printed on the embroidery cloth. The pattern will fade off after you wash the finished embroidery.

You have several different options on how to use your embroidery – as a wall decoration, sew it on to your favourite bag or jacket – I have ordered my monstera embroidery kit and will share with you where I used finished embroidery.


You have to wait until it arrives. This kit is from Uk, so I hope it will arrive fast.


I have ordered Beginners Embroidery 2 pack Dog Kit on 23.290.2020. It should arrive by 3rd November. I will let you know, how long it took to arrive. UPDATE: it arrived 30.10.2020 – a lot faster than I expected. They get 5 stars for shipping.

I will upload pictures of opening the package soon.

If you wish to make this beautiful blooming garden with me, you can purchase it with click on the button Buy now. For now, this kit looks bargain, because, for a little more than 12 euros, I get two patterns inside – that also means twice the fun.

Let me know in the comments if you wish for me to share my embroidery live on my Instagram profile 🙂

Stay creative and safe & healthy,


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