Apple Collection – Winter motive Hand Embroidery Velvet Apple Brooch



This beautiful velvet apple brooch with embroidered snowflakes is part of my Apple Collection that I have started making in February 2020, when I have first joined an online class Velvet Apple. After class our teacher, Inga Marita organized pumping and the main purpose of pumping was to teach us, how to set creativity that is inside us, free.

Each apple is unique and hand made. Apple brooches are limited edition, I make the only if I have inspiration.

It makes a perfect gift for your mother, sister, or friend. Apple brooches can be worn on T-shirt, blouse, coat, or handbag – they really make you stand out in the crowd.


This beautiful brooch is handmade by me. I carefully package every item and personally send it to my customers. I have a bigger family now and have less time to create, but occasionally, there are special things that I want to share and sell to my special costumers.



Material: Velvet, Beads, Sequins, Metalized Thread

Shipping: Free shipping in the EU (because of the COVID-19 situation, send me an email to check if I can send in other countries)



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