Luxury Brooch Lucky Clover



If you are you looking for a perfect gift for your loved one? This beautiful luxury brooch Lucky Clover is the perfect gift for all lovers of unique pieces of jewellery.

All materials were selected with great care and love during Beading Marathon that was held by @Pikapolina. I really enjoyed it and the result is this unique Lucky Clover brooch.

Luxury Brooch Lucky Clover brooches are limited edition, I make them only if I have inspiration.

It makes a perfect gift for your mother, sister, or friend. This beautiful brooch can be worn on T-shirt, blouse, coat, or handbag – they really make you stand out in the crowd.


This beautiful brooch is handmade by me with the needle technique. I carefully package every item and personally send it to my customers. I have a bigger family now and have less time to create, but occasionally, there are special things that I want to share and sell to my special customers.


Size: 6.5 cm (2.56 inch) / 6.5 cm (1.56 inch).

Material: Swarovski Rivoli, Bicons and Pearls, Beads, Thread

Shipping: Free shipping in the EU (because of the COVID-19 situation, send me an email to check if I can send it to other countries)

Remember: the perfect way to show how much you care is by giving a Luxury brooch Lucky Clover.


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