Monstera Beginner Embroidery Kit – flower & plant patterns


If you are looking for a Monstera  Beginner embroidery kit look no more. I adore Monstera plants so I have personally purchased a Monstera kit. You can read my review.

Monstera Beginner embroidery kit has only 2 stitches and makes it a perfect beginners kit for yourself or a friend that is really interested in starting embroidery as a hobby.

Actually, seller offers a Beginners Kit with available 4 different patterns for purchase:

  • 1. red flowers
  • 2.) lucky 4leaf clover
  • 3.) cactus
  • 4.) monstera
  • yes, all instructions are included!
  • yes, all materials included! They have added also some extra strands 🙂

I have also included my personal photos from the purchased  Monstera Monstera Beginner Embroidery Kit and my finished Embroidery. I have made a variegated Monstera plant that my friend is proud owner of 🙂 If you have any questions, write them in the comment section of my Review.



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