Feathers Online Embroidery Course | Review

When I first saw the gentle Feathers Inga has shared I have fallen in love with them. Feathers looked so how gentle and delicate on a sweater. I purchased Feathers Online Embroidery Course. I decided I want to make 3 feathers for myself and attach them to my favorite backpack. My journey of discovery of … Read more

Poppy Flower Online Hand Embroidery Class | Review

I have been looking at posts Poppy Flower brooches for a long time. Inga has been teaching them only in private lessons. I was filled with questions – which materials they use? How are the flowers assembled? When Inga has announced that she was turning her individual master class into the Poppy Flower online hand embroidery … Read more

Rose Hand Embroidery Online Class | Review

I would like to share with you my personal experience of participating in an advanced Luneville technique Rose Hand Embroidery Online Class that was held in a closed Instagram group with teacher Inga Marita. This class has given me more confidence using the Luneville hook and given me more insight into different materials that can … Read more

Review: Luneville Embroidery Magic Fish Course

I would like to share with you my personal experience of participating in online luneville embroidery course Magic Fish that was held by Ina Marita in May 2020. This course was for beginners, they were teaching us the basics of luneville embroidery from A-Z. How to choose materials, how to use the frame, which hooks … Read more