5 Tips on How to Boost your Creativity

I am sure you had this problem too. Staring at an empty piece of paper and waiting for inspiration to arrive. Struggling with a desire to just start the project but you had no idea what will your next project even be. Here I will be sharing my 3 tips on how to boost your creativity, I use them myself every time I get stuck.

Tip 1: Go for a walk in nature or a new city (my first choice on sunny days)

Nature is amazing, it provides us with so many different shapes and colours. I especially enjoy the changing seasons, because it brings diversity into our lives. I like mountain hiking and also long walks by rivers or lakes. Sea adds that salty smell that is always special.

how to boost your creativity tip 1 walk in nature

Some cities bring out the romantic side of me… I have been to several old cities in Europe. Old buildings give it a unique soul. Stories of people that have lived there for different periods of time, make streets come alive. This scenery reminds me of a romantic get-away to Budapest a few years ago. Time really flies fast and memories are one of the most precious things we have.

how to boost your creativity tip 1 sightseeing


Tip 2: Make yourself a nice hot cup of tea and listen to mediation (my favourite in cold winter)

I like to drink tea at any time of year. But I am in a habit if I make my tea and get distracted by work it gets cold. That’s why I recommend you use a double-wall layer tea glass so the tea stays hot longer plus it also looks very cool on your working table 🙂

how to boost your creativity using hot cup of coffee
how to boost your creativity with drinking tea

I also listen to meditations regularly. YouTube is an amazing source for this – I just look for meditation for boosting creativity. This meditation is one of my favourites.


Tip 3: try some new technique or awake old hobby to boost your creativity

I have been following the work of Nini Špolar and I have been watching her beautiful drawing techniques that she is sharing with us on her YouTube channel.

So I have decided to buy myself a new set of watercolours and start playing with colours again.

Buy yourself watercolours, some paper and just start to paint again.

Nina has also suggested I try this new FREE online course: https://www.strathmoreartiststudio.com/

how to boost your creativity with free watercolors course

What I really like about this course:

  • it is optional to register.
  • it explains a watercolour technique for beginners. 
  • end drawing is definitely a project that will require several attempts from my side – I will learn a lot 🙂

Tip 4: Don’t panic – just relax and do nothing

We all have ups and downs in life. Life is never lived in a straight line. There are days when we have better productivity and days with less effect. There are just some days that we are meant to do nothing. To live in here and now.

I also try to practice a daily meditation where I visualise what I need to do that day and set my priorities straight. I invite HP to help me with anything I start because that makes me realize – there are bigger powers running the world than me and my wants.

relax and reconnect with now and here

Tip 5: Look at beautiful pictures or inspirational products from other niches

What makes this product so special?

What part could you use in your current task?

I really like Stary Night from Van Gogh. I like to watch the lines on the sky, the mystical dance of winds and stars. Different blue shades in the picture have really calming effect on me.

inspiration by van gogh starry night

Conclusion – did you try any of my suggestions?

How did you like my personal choice of the top 5 tips on how to boost your creativity? What is your favourite way to break out of endless idea searching? What helps you step into action?

Please, let us continue this discussion in the comments.

Stay safe and creative,


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10 thoughts on “5 Tips on How to Boost your Creativity”

  1. Oh I love what you shared here 👌
    Nature is my number one go-to source for centering which automatically brings healing and new ideas. Life feels so different when I am outside 🙂

    Tip about doing nothing is absolutely spot on – we need to recharge too and just be in the now. It is rather hard to do it though. Funny eh 🙂

    And I am honored you shared my YT channel. Maybe I should dust it off and start posting something again 🤔

    Take care and happy creating!

    • Yes, Nini, I agree with you 🙂 I hope to share a walk with you one day together. We will have a lot to talk about 🙂 Your YT channel is very creative and inspiring, please, let this creative stream rolling. I hope to see a new video soon 🙂

  2. Our productivity relies on a combination of factors that it’s hard to precisely determine. All I know is that when I have a productive day (or when I am inspired) I try to keep on as long as possible. On the other hand, there are days when no matter what, we don’t seem to be able to advance. These suggestions are great for those days. Thank you very much!

    • Hi Paolo, I am very glad to hear you find my tips useful. Please, let me know how it worked out after you have tried them out by yourself.

  3. Thank you for these tips. We are all creators and if given the right conditions we may be surprised at what we could produce. I can endorse going for a walk in nature. This is my tranquilizer. When everything seems overwhelming or I feel confused or even achy, I go for a walk and after the walk, nothing is the same. I listened to your meditation to boost creativity. Good stuff. I have saved the link because I am sure to need this again. Thanks again

  4. Hello there! This is a great post! Sometimes I feel like the result of not being productive, is actually because of too much productivity. We sometimes burn out trying to keep up with our day to day responsibilities and have not allot enough time in our day to essentially relax. You provided really great tips to boost creativity. I often find myself doing number 4. It really works. I will try your other ones as well. Thanks for this!

  5. Hi Vesna,
    thank you for sharing with us such an inspiring text. Since I am an artist (writer), I often do not have the necessary inspiration and I know how difficult it is to just stare at the paper and bother with your own thoughts.
    Personally, I apply everything you described in the text just depends on the mood. If the weather allows, I walk in the nature, if not just take a break and make myself coffee. I like to relax in good music or playing with a pet.
    Like you said it wonderfully we all have ups and downs in life, and I think it’s important not to force yourself because every extraordinary inspiration comes on its own and at the moment it wants to. We never know when that moment is. I have the least exhaustion at home. I have a great influx of inspiration as I keep quiet and ride a train, for example.
    By the way, your site is amazing, it has a lot of interesting and inspiring tips.
    I follow your work and I want to tell you to just keep it up.
    All the best,


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