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When I first saw the gentle Feathers Inga has shared I have fallen in love with them. Feathers looked so how gentle and delicate on a sweater. I purchased Feathers Online Embroidery Course.

I decided I want to make 3 feathers for myself and attach them to my favorite backpack. My journey of discovery of my own embroidered Feathers has started.


Inga marita Feathers Online Embroidery Course
Inga Marita and her version of Feather Course
Name of courseFeathers Online Embroidery Course
Finished productFeathers Applique
TeacherInga Marita
Duration of course90 days, self-paced
LevelAdventurous Beginner & Intermediate
Price and AvailabilityCheck for price & availability HERE

Who is this course for?

This course is very good for adventurous beginners, it can be done with Luneville hook or needle.

If you are a beginner in Luneville technique and you are looking for a shorter course with less techniques, then I would recommend you to start the first beginner Luneville technique classes that Inga also offers, for example, Fox Luneville Hand Embroidery Course is also available in English.

Why Should you take this course?

I can highly recommend this course if you are looking for fresh designing ideas on how to create possibilities of embroidered Feathers. 

You will also get a lot of tips on where to buy your supplies and what kind of different materials you can combine to achieve different effects on your feathers.

The course is self-paced and open for 90 days. That leaves you enough time to order and wait for new supplies in case you need them.

If you didn’t know yet, you will learn during this course – ONLY your imagination is the limit.

My experience on Feathers Online Embroidery Course *

This course is self-paced. I had open classroom for 90 days and that gave me enough time to buy additional supplies and finish my Feathers.

Inga provides you with her sketches but also gives you instructions on how to design your own feathers.

I  wanted to embellish my favourite backpack, so I have taken the opportunity of designing my own Feathera. Inga has explained several different options for materials and has given guidance about different looks that can be achieved.

I have first made my sketch and selected my materials. I needed few days to decide on what I will use. After my decision was reached, the wrk went smoothly because my hand has just followed the image in my mind.

final combination.

My finished project with Feathers

Yes, I recommend the Feathers course very much – it was worth the money. Online Embroidery Course covered many different materials that can be used.

My head is still filled with plenty of ideas about different materials that I will be using in my future projects.

Different embroidery techniques were clearly displayed and all of my questions were answered in English by the teacher.

When you finish your online class and provide teachers with photography of your finished work, you also receive a certificate.

I have decided to attach my Feather embroidery to my favourite backpack that will go with me everywhere. The choice of colours was hard but I really like how feathers remind me of summer, sea and ice cream. I can taste the nougat and strawberry every time I look at it 😉

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* I have written this review based on my personal experience as a student in the online class.  No one has sponsored or paid me to write this review.

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