Hand Gloves for Adults | Draw & Sew Your Pattern

In this post, I will show you how to draw your own pattern to make hand gloves that will be a perfect fit. This pattern requires only your hand and your desire to learn how to create a perfect pattern for your hand gloves. I will also show you the process of how I sew my first pair of hand gloves for adults. This same process can also be applied to kid hand gloves – but they grow, so you will have to repeat this process until they reach their adulthood.

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Draw Perfect pattern

I found a youtube video, where Polina teaches us how to create our own pattern (HERE). She speaks in Russian but has provided English subtitles that are very good and I understood them with no problem.

Now it is time that you:

  • Get your pen and rulers ready – it is time to start.
  • NOTE: When you draw this pattern, you will not leave any seam allowance. This type of gloves is sewn 1 mm from the end of the fabric.
  • if you are right-handed you will draw your left hand, as I did.
draw pattern myembroiderypassions

FIRST STEP: You should take a sheet of paper that is bigger than your hand and fold it in half. Start drawing the shape of your fingers and palm of your hand – instructions are in the video provided HERE 🙂

Materials & Supplies

You can use the following materials to make your hand gloves:

  • needle (you can get HERE)
  • scissors (you can get HERE)
  • old fabric for test hand glove
  • thread (you can get HERE)
  • artificial leather fro my dream gloves (I bought it at my local store)
  • smoke fireline for faux leather material (you can get it HERE)

Hand gloves can be from various materials, you should check the material that you already have at home. I collect some clothes and put them in the bag for later usage. You may find old leather pants that you no longer wear and can be used for this project:

  • gentle velvet – black, red, .. choose a colour that will go well with your winter wardrobe,
  • soft natural or faux leather,
  • knit or croche them by yourself and then embroider,
  • or any other material that you wish to make your gloves from.
  • NOTE 1: if you are unsure if your material is suitable, you can put it to a test: put 1 mm needle from the end and pull if the material does not tear it has passed the test and you can use it
  • NOTE 2: this test is not needed for knitted and crochet hand gloves.
fabric myemboiderypassions

Sew your gloves

Here are two Utube tutorials for sewing women hand gloves:

SECOND STEP: You will have to transfer your pattern to fabric and cut out.

draft hand gloves myembroiderypassions

THIRD STEP: follow instructions of your chosen method. I have decided to hand sew my gloves. I think I needed like an hour to sew my first draft hand glove. I had to pause a lot to check instructions on the video HERE.

My Draft Version of Hand Gloves

You will probably find the hardest thing to saw lateral pieces between fingers. I have shortened them as Polina showed. You will do more trimming than you expect and it is really crucial to follow the sewing steps to get the best result.

draft hand glove myembroiderypassions

After you try your finished gloves on, you may find the same surprise as I did:

  • I have trimmed lateral pieces too short on 3 of my fingers – that is why you need to do draft sewing!! You do not wish to ruin expensive materials on the learning experience.
  • I made my glove too tight on the palm of my hand – you may find it hard to put them on your hand. You will have to make necessary corrections on your pattern.
mistakes hand glove myembroiderypassions

You may have to correct your pattern and make it wider, so hand gloves will be comfortable to wear. I had to.

FOURTH STEP: make necessary adjustments and re-do the process again. There is no easy and simple path when you want to draw a perfect pattern. The iteration process is – unfortunately – the only way. Knowledge takes patience to acquire it and we both will appreciate the perfect pair of gloves much more at our next purchase.

And now – I am ready for Maltesian Cross Online Class

If you will follow every step like Polina showed, you will also do a draft version of your hand gloves. I decided to do it from some old fabric that I have for testing purposes. here I have summed up the pros and cons of my hand gloves project:


  • you have learned about the process how to make your very own hand gloves – I bet you never expected this when I started writing about Maltesian Cross course HERE.
  • you are the proud owner of unique hand gloves that you can wear now for a couple of seasons.
  • I have my personal hand glove pattern that I can use for another pair when I needed


  • Making hand gloves is a much more time-consuming process than I expected.
  • If you are not interested in making a unique pair of hand gloves, I suggest you buy already made gloves. If you try several different, I am sure you will find a pair that will fit you well and you will choose colours for embroidery accordingly.


… and now I cannot wait for 2nd October 2020. I have prepared some beads and Swarovski crystals. I am waiting for the course to start in after 10 days a finished applique should be ready for me to sew it onto my unique hand gloves.

UPDATE: I have attended the online class and successfully finished my finished Maltesian cross embroidery.

I hope this post has inspired you to start creating. As aways if you have any questions, please, let me know in the comments and I will answer them as soon as I can.

Stay safe and I wish you happy creating.


* I want to share with you my own experience on how to make your first pair of hand gloves. I used Polina’s tutorial because she has a short video with English subtitles that make it clear to follow. Polina and SiQ Clothing did not pay me to share their channels with you – but I hope you will find them useful.

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