A Brief History of Goldwork embroidery – A must-read for embroidery lovers

Ever since I heard of goldwork embroidery I was mesmerised by heavy decorations and colours. I wanted to learn more about this technique, so I started reading more about it. Here is my take on a brief history of Goldwork embroidery. A brief history of Goldwork embroidery – the Origin The goldwork embroidery technique is very easily … Read more

Hand Embroidery: Easy Guide on Embroidering Beautiful Cards | Udemy

Easy Guide on Embroidering Beautiful Cards

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I have a NEW course Hand Embroidery: Easy Guide on Embroidering Beautiful Cards on Udemy. This class is focusing on different motives that you can embroider on paper and is very versatile. You can apply the knowledge you will learn on a variety of motives and create sets … Read more

NEW course: How to Make Hand Embroidery Christmas Cards | Udemy


Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I have a NEW course: How to Make Hand Embroidery Christmas Cards live on Udemy. This is the main reason, why I have published nothing new for so long. You may ask: “Why embroidery on paper?” Well, I have been learning different embroidery techniques for some … Read more

Happy New Year 2022!

I would like to thank you, my dear readers, for making my 2021 amazing! I cannot believe that I am writing my blog for more than 1 year now. I have learned so many new embroidery techniques that I wish to share with you in 2022! This beautiful Christmas Star Card was made by amazing … Read more

Hand Embroidery Design Pattern and Collaboration with amazing Artist Nini

Do you know the feeling? When you are looking for a fresh hand embroidery design pattern and you cannot find it? The frustration and lack of energy? The feeling of hopelessness? That’s why I like to use Instagram and I follow several artists there. I often look for inspiration for my embroidery work. I found … Read more

What are Different Types of Hand Embroidery in the World

I really like different types of embroidery and I enjoy combining them together in my embroidery creations. That’s why I wish to share my favourites different types of hand Embroidery in the World. I have started with basic embroidery stitches when I was a child. I loved to play with threads. Sometimes more in macrame … Read more

Feathers Online Embroidery Course | Review

When I first saw the gentle Feathers Inga has shared I have fallen in love with them. Feathers looked so how gentle and delicate on a sweater. I purchased Feathers Online Embroidery Course. I decided I want to make 3 feathers for myself and attach them to my favorite backpack. My journey of discovery of … Read more