How to Create a Custom Journal for Embroidery | Step-By-Step Tutorial

how to create a custom journal for embroidery step-by-step tutorial

I have been getting a creators block lately, perhaps you have the same problem too. I have several unfinished projects and no idea, how to finish them. I have received a newsletter from Nini and I really liked her idea to make my own personal notebook for saving my ideas. If you want to learn, how to create a custom journal for embroidery, then just grab a cup of coffee and follow along.

The end of the year is coming. In December we prepare gifts for our loved ones and we try to think hard, what they need and what will bring joy to their face. You may have friends or family that really enjoys receiving handmade journals. Let’s make our December magical.

Step 1: Gather material to Create Custom Journal for your Embroidery

I would recommend you go through your stash and grab the material that has been there for some time and is just waiting for next your creative ideas. I have several different papers, fabrics and threads.

Step 2: Create covers

First, you will need to create covers. I have been following this awesome tutorial from Nina Spolar – Nini.

She has wrapped covers of her journal with beautiful paper. I decided to wrap it in fabric – I have made a selection of different fabrics and ribbons and threads. I have played around and I really enjoyed the creative process 🙂

Create a Custom Journal for Embroidery – be unique and express your own style

Option no. 1: You can inner pages from the paper 

Step 3.1: Follow the tutorial from Nini and create inner pages from the paper

You can read about Nini’s process on how to make inner pages from the paper here.


Step 4.1: Sew the inner pages

You can sew your inner pages with a multi-hole pamphlet stitch. Here is Nini’s tutorial and she is guiding you through the process.

Option no. 2: you can make inner pages from fabric – like I did

Step 3.2: Cut the cloth for embroidery inside

Well, you know me. I like embroidery. So I have decided to add my personal touch here. I have wanted to try a new technique for some time and I have always found excuses. I just decided to try it and to see where it will take me. 

I have been looking at beautiful embroideries that also include watercolours. I have really been wanting to try it and I will add this experience to my MAGICAL December. 

I have cut cotton fabric in the size of 2 pages. It is big enough to fit inside my covers. It is also big enough that I can put it into my embroidery hoop if I want to use a hoop for embroidery.

If you wish to try it too, please, let me know in the comments. I can share my observations after I am finished with you.

Create a Custom Journal for Embroidery – let brush guide you when you paint the fabric

Step 4.2: Start to embroider

I will start to embroider in December. I will add one embroidered page as it will be finished. 

I will be using basic embroidery stitches and if you wish to follow along, you can check them out HERE.

Please, add hashtag #myembroiderypassionsembroideryjournal so I can see your beautiful works and comment on them 🙂

Step 4.3: Add an elastic band to your Custom Embroidery Journal to hold your inner fabric

You can add an elastic band to hold your inner pages. I chose white elastic, but you can take a shiny one or a more rounded one. Which ever it will fit better your covers and inner pages.

You can tie a knot or just make a few small stitches at the end as I did.

Step 4.4: Create a Custom Journal for Embroidery – Flip through my Journal

I have been getting questions about how my finished journal turned out, so I have decided to share it with you.

If you like my work, please, like and follow my channel on YouTube. 

create a Custom Journal for Embroidery for more personal Creativity

I hope you liked the process on how to Create a Custom Journal for Embroidery Step-By-Step Tutorial. 

You can always make another journal for your next project and fill it out with fresh ideas for the months that are ahead of you.

I wish you all a magical December and a prosperous year ahead of you.


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  1. Oh I love your take on this project and I cannot wait to see what evolves 😍

    And thank you ever so much for spreading the word about this magical project! It means so much to me 💖

    Wishing you a fabulously magical December and may it just continue into the New Year 😘💖


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