How to Sew a Hand Embroidery Flower Design Purse | Free Tutorial

Did you want to make for yourself Hand Embroidery Flower Design Purse and you didn’t know how to start the creative process from scratch? You are in the right place. I have been thinking about creating small purse for myself sometime now and I really enjoyed the time that it took for the idea to grow … Read more

How to Embroider Mandala by Hand | Step-by-Step Tutorial

I really like mandala patterns for a long time. I like to colour them and some are simpler, others are more complicated. It feels like a mini-meditation procedure when my colour pencils quickly run over the pattern on paper. I like the smell of paper. In my opinion, the computer can never substitute this smell. … Read more

Free Christmas Patterns for Hand Embroidery Gifts

December is around the corner, so I have started looking for ideas on how to embroider some cute ideas on different areas to bring Christmas spirit into our family home. I really like creating handmade Christmas cards or bookmarks – but this year will be the first time that I use embroidery on them. If you … Read more