Review: Luneville Embroidery Magic Fish Course

I would like to share with you my personal experience of participating in online luneville embroidery course Magic Fish that was held by Ina Marita in May 2020. This course was for beginners, they were teaching us the basics of luneville embroidery from A-Z. How to choose materials, how to use the frame, which hooks to use – if you have these questions, then this is the right course.

Beginner Luneville Embroidery Magic Fish

Review of luneville embroidery course:Basics of Luneville Embroidery Magic Fish Course
Finished productMagic Fish Applique Book Cover
TeachersEkaterina Soldatova and Inga Marita
Duration of course1 month + bonus embroidery course Orchid flower
PriceCheck for price & availability HERE

My experience*

This was a beginner’s course for special technique – luneville embroidery (it requires a special hook for embroidery). It is hard to find a good online course to learn the technique, so I was very enthusiastic to apply. The course was divided into two phases. In the first phase was our teacher Ekaterina. She was teaching us basics from scratch: how to attach organza to embroidery frame, which threads to choose for embroidery. We were taught the technique in 9 lessons – the result of each was a new heart. Each heart taught us how to use the hook and thread. As we progressed we added beads, sequins, and other materials.

In the second part of our course, we were working on our Magic fish with Inga. We embroidered our Fish together. She gave a lot of advice on how to choose colors and threads – to achieve a professional look. We also learned how to secure our embroidery and sew it to our desired finished product.


  • A lot of new knowledge and clear presentation of different uses of luneville hook and materials that can be used to decorate applique
  • Good Price
  • Bonus online class


  • Russian language**

* I have written this review based on my personal experience as a student in the online class.  No one has sponsored or paid me to write this review.

** They are currently working with translators to provide some courses in the English language. If you are interested, please, send them direct inquiry HERE.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Luneville Embroidery Magic Fish Course”

  1. Ahz never have I ever heard of the luneville embroidery but looking at what you have written, I think that it is a good one and it would also be very nice for me to be able to try what I have learnt here. You seem to have good knowledge of this and I will be more frequent on your website to learn more different embroidery.

    • I am glad that you like it and I will definitely be writing more about different types of embroidery. Hope to see you soon and ask if you have any questions.

  2. Hello Vesna, thanks this really clear article. I have really love the idea of making embodiment and my little girl who is just 7 has been really keen on doing it and I am fully in support of it. However, seeing how this can be if help to get makes me happy, but how do we go about it is in Russian?

    • Hi, Justin. I learn a lot just by watching the process. I also understand some words. Good news is that Inga is currently working with translators to provide some courses in English, I am keeping my fingers crossed that will be soon.

  3. The fact that there are online course that teaches embodiments is really good actually. I on a lot of people who will be glad to learn this and personally I too would but because I have a couple of things on my desk now, I’ll rather delay it for a big before getting back to it. This is a stunning design 

    • Justin, I agree, this course took more time than usual because I had to learn how to use a new tool (luneville hook). I definitely recommend to attend this course when you have plenty of time on your hands – then it is a pleasure to learn and enjoy in final results.

  4. Ah, another course you’ve shared here, I think this course is really good and I would be very nice for me to learn about this magic fish embroidery especially seeing that the course does very well to explain how it works well. I’m definetely giving it a try since it is really worth it.

    • Suz, this course is really very good. I recommend it to you when you will have enough time on your hands. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask.


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