Velvet Apple Hand Embroidery Course | Review

I would like to share with you my personal experience of participating in online course Velvet embroidery Apple that was held by Ina Marita in February 2020. She has now made available this online course on her official page (HERE).

If you like apples and you wish to learn how to make 3D volumetric shapes – then this is a course for you. Here I have learned how to apply same technique that was used on apple also on other fruits.

winter embroidery velvet apple
Name of courseHand Embroidery Velvet Apple
Finished productVelvet Apple brooch
TeacherInga Marita
Duration of course1 month + bonus pumping (1 month of exploring creativity inside us under Inga’s guidance)
LanguageRussian and English
PriceCheck for price & availability HERE

My experience *

I have found the Velvet Apple course on Instagram. I don’t speak Russian so I have contacted teacher Inga Marita if she will accept me into the course. She said she will, but that she will not speak in English during the course. If I had problems, I wrote to her and she replied. We had 14 days’ time to prepare our materials. The day that the course started, we got the template in PDF form.

Inga has shared her lesson 2-3 times a week and has also answered questions from students. She was sewing live with us and recording was available for 24 hours on Instagram (Instagram now has the option to save video until the end of course).

We have covered embroidery, how to model the 3D shape of an apple, sewing of beads, and sequins. She gave advice on choosing matching colours. She explained in great detail how to assemble all pieces together firmly. There were also tips on how to decorate apple to look more gentle and delicate.


Yes, it was worth the money. This course covered many different techniques. Sewing was clearly displayed, so I could do brooch very well, even though I am not fluent in Russian **.

(If you wish to see more beautiful Apples that were created in our group, you can go to Instagram and check out this hashtag: #яблокооткутюр_мк )

* I have written this review based on my personal experience as a student in the online class.  No one has sponsored or paid me to write this review.

Velvet Apple Collection

The result of pumping is a collection of Velvet Apple brooches. I still make them when I have inspiration, you are welcome to check my EP shop, all products there I have made by myself and are the result of online classes that I attend to further develop my skills.

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10 thoughts on “Velvet Apple Hand Embroidery Course | Review”

  1. It’s is great that the course is helpful. But I do not like the fact that it is only offered in Russian one now must find a translator to keep up with the course. I think having to do so is time consuming and would not hype someone to continue with the course. I believe they would do so much better if they would include other languages unless one is a fan of learning new languages. I would learn the course myself if it would be offered in English so I could surprise my other half with my hands. 

    • Ezra, I know what you think. I was searching for a similar course in English, but I couldn’t find it. In the end, I have decided to apply even though it is in Russian because I really wanted to learn this technique. I am grateful to find a very good teacher – she showed techniques so clearly that I could still finish my brooch. I was also excited that she offered additional month of training – I learned even more 🙂

  2. Hi Vesna.
    Life gave you lemons you made lemonade, am so proud of you, this is a dieing art an am happy that you took it up, not only that but you are introducing it to others that is so cool!
    Hope your recuperation was a success.
    Wishing you all the best both with your hobby and here at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Much Success

    • Thank you, Marilyn. Yes, I am grateful to use my time well and finally start to fulfill my long time wish – start embroidery. I hope that sharing my passion and useful tips with others will help them lose their fear of thread and needle 🙂
      Hopefully, we will build a nice community of creative people talking about things we are passionate about.

  3. This is quote an interesting one to see here. Honestly, I am not a big fan of embroidery but my wife is in love with it and wishes to learn it and that is the reason I have decided to research more on all of these here. Worthy information is all I have seen here. Thank you so much for sharing here with us. I will send this to her

  4. Hello Vensa, it would be really nice for people to get the knowledge of making an embodiment and so far I’ve really enjoyed learning to make it and it’s been fun. However, this is on very good course and anyone who is taking it would learn a lot. I feel bad about the limitation because of language though.

    • hi, I learn a lot just watching and trying out myself. Trial and error are sometimes my best teacher. I am happy that there is the possibility that in the future I may get also an English version of course 🙂

  5. Hello vesna, I think the course is a good one and I might as well be looking to buy into it too but the real problem with this is if I would have the time to follow through. I really believe you when you say that the course was worth the money and maybe it would be good for me to also give it a try as well. I’ll try to find time to do it. Thank you very much for the information on everything about it.

    • Suz, I really recommend this course if you wish to learn how to add volume to your brooches. If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask 🙂


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