My Shop

I have been learning and expanding my skills for some time now. So time has come and I have now added some special pieces to My Shop.

Some products in my shop are handmade by me (mostly brooches). I carefully package every item and personally send it to my customers. I have a bigger family now and have less time to create, but occasionally, there are special things that I want to share and sell to my special customers. I have learned with the best masters of the craft and you can read about my experiences in my Reviews.

I have carefully hand-picked for my readers also some other products, like beginner embroidery kits. I wish to share with you my passion for embroidery and I know how hard it is to begin a new hobby. I hope that you will find your beginners project or a great gift for crafty souls that are in your life (mother, sister, brother, friend…).

I will be happy if you find something for yourself in my lovely shop.

Stay safe and healthy,


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