How to Embroider Mandala by Hand | Step-by-Step Tutorial

I really liked mandala patterns for a long time. I like to colour them and some are simpler, others are more complicated. It feels like a mini-meditation procedure when my colour pencils quickly run over the pattern on paper. I like the smell of paper. In my opinion, the computer can never substitute this smell. I will be sharing the process of how to embroider Mandala by Hand in this post, so it will be growing in time. Please, come back to check on my progress.

inga marita mandala embroidery

Inga Marita has started this idea on her Instagram profile. She has shared one of her beautiful embroidered Mandala, so you can see one of the possible mandala results that can be embroidered.

Definition of Mandala – (in Jungian psychology) a mandala as a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity.

I will learn and listen to my inner voice – to embroider my dream Mandala and try to reach my inner self during these hard COVID-19 situations and our second lock-down in Slovenia.

Week 1

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Step 1: Choose your Mandala Pattern

I went to Pinterest to find my inspiration for the Mandala pattern. Here is the Mandala pattern that I have chosen, it has a lotus theme. I wish to embroider something with lotus for some time now and this is the perfect opportunity to start it.

Here is the link to the original Author of Mandala Pattern.

myembroiderypassions blog mandala pattern

I also like her coloured version, which you can find HERE.

myembroiderypassions blog color mandala

Step 2: Choose your materials & colours

Inga Marita’s had shared with us her choice of Mandala pattern. She was also talking about her choice of colours and materials. She has shared her progress with us during November evenings.

Luneville embroidery technique is one of my favourites. I have been discussing this technique often with my friend Olga Teague. It took me a long time to build up my courage and to start learning it. I have taken a Basic Luneville Embroidery course with Inga and Katja – they have been very good teachers and you can read more about it HERE.

I have chosen my colours for the Mandala project. I will use my main colours: yellow, purple, grey and black. I will see where will this process take me. 

Tools that I will use in my work:
- embroidery hoop (how to choose your hoop you can read HERE),
- organza (bought at my local store),
- different threads (bought at my local store),
- needle (bought at my local store),
- luneville hook,
- scissors

Difficulty level: I will be making Beginner Embroidery Mandala but with 2 different skills
– embroidery and
– Luneville embroidery.

myembroiderypassions color combination mandala class myemboiderypassions blog embroidery mandala tutorial

Step 3: Start embroidering your Mandala Border

I have transferred the pattern to organza with a white roller.

myemboiderypassions blog embroidery mandala tutorial

I started to embroider the borderlines of my mandala. I have decided to use the gold metallic thread on the outside and black lace for the centre of the Mandala.

myemboiderypassions blog embroidery mandala tutorial

Week 2

Step 4: Embroider details in Vermicelle technique using Luneville hook

Inga has decorated leaves on her Mandala in Vermicelle technique – with this technique you can use also beads and sequins. Inga teaches this technique in great detail in her Beginner Luneville Embroidery Course.

myebroiderypassions blog mandala tutorial vermicelle technique

Step 5: Embroider rose colour leaves details in satin stitch technique using Luneville hook

I have decided to make rose colour leaves using a satin stitch. Satin stitch can be done with a needle and also with Luneville hook. I had a lot of practice with satin stitch & luneville hook during Poppy flower master class (teacher there was Inga Marita).

myembroiderypassions mandala rose satin stitch tutorial

Week 3

Step 6: Adding a silver border

I have decided to embroider the smaller leaves with metallic silver thread – so they really stand out. You can see better detail in the picture below.

Step 7: Adding blue embellishments

I have added blue Preciosa embellishments to every silver peak of the Mandala. I wanted to make Mandala more shinny, I have added 4 crystals. Unfortunately, I didn’t have Swarovski crystals in the right colour, so I had to use blue crystals that are not the same quality.

My Mandala has turned out so perfectly – like it has a mind of its own. It was truly an amazing journey, where my creativity has flown freely.

myembroiderypassions finished Mandala tutorial for Beginners

Step 8: Hanging Mandala in my bedroom

I have decided to hang a Mandala on my wall. Thank you for the idea Lenka!

You can also see part of my vision board – my wish is to go to island Seychelles, so I have many pictures of them, and one of my biggest motivations is to continue walking on my path.

Thank you, Inga and the community, for a creative journey

I have decided to embroider my Mandala together with Inga and other girls in November 2020. This participation is totally on a free basis. You could have joined if you had a wish to learn new techniques – how to embroider Mandala by Hand – and get inspired by the works of other girls. Inga shares them regularly inside her stories on Instagram profile.

You can go to Instagram and under hashtag #мандалаhautecouture and #мандалаДевичник⁠ you look at the beautiful Mandalas that were embroidered by other participants and maybe find inspiration for your future embroidery.

If you wish to see my DIY & embroidery projects or get some business embroidery tips, you can follow me on Instagram, where you can look me up under hashtags myembroiderypassions #myembroiderypassionsinspiration #myembroiderypassionsblog.

Stay creative & healthy,


** Inga Marita has not paid me to be mentioned in this post. I have participated in several of her online classes and she has been an awesome teacher and has always answered all of my questions. I wish to deliver to you my authentic experience of being a participant of the LIVE online embroidery group in this post.

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10 thoughts on “How to Embroider Mandala by Hand | Step-by-Step Tutorial”

  1. I love mandalas but haven’t tried to embroider them yet, only draw on paper. I think it would be beautiful to have a mandala, like the one you are showing in the picture, hanging on a wall in my bedroom. I’ve always thought embroidering would be too complicated for me but looking at the description you are providing, it seems I could manage as well.
    I will join you and Inga on Instagram and learn from you!

    • Lenka, you are very welcome to join us 🙂 I love your idea to have Mandala hanging inside your bedroom, I hope you will share with us your final result

  2. How to Embroider Mandala by Hand – let’s do it together in November 2020 was such an interesting post.  You shared such complete instructions in such an orderly way, and as I think about it, that is a benefit for all parts of our life, living in an orderly way.  This is a discipline I could grow in my life.  

    Embroidery is such a relaxing skill.  Your definition of a Mandala – (in Jungian psychology) a mandala is a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity. Completes the rest of what I didn’t know about the lure of this design. Such a fun way to get to work with beautiful colors and designs.  Thanks for your intro, and I will be back to see the progress.  Good luck to you. Sami

    • so nice to have you here. I really enjoy this process of creating Mandala & hope to share it in a way that someone else may follow these steps. 
      You are welcome back & please, share in the comments your thoughts or questions.
      Stay safe & healthy,

  3. Hello, this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this as the information I’m getting from here is standard. This step by step process of how to embroider mandala by hand is very easy to follow. I’ve always admired embroided mandalas and I’ve seen opportunity to make by myself. Thank you so much for this, I’ll try it out and come back with feedback 

  4. What a wonderful hobbie especially now. I have been looking at things to occupy my time since the pandemic hit and this checks all the boxes for me. Creative, meditative and a great way to spend some time that could turn into a money making hobby down the road!! Wonderful I will be following along with you definately.

    • thank you for stopping by 🙂 Yes, embroidery is definitely an awesome hobby that can be turned into a profitable business. I am currently working on a series of Business Embroidery posts, where I will address this topic. Do you have any suggestions for my next topic?

  5. Hi Vesna,
    I love all about embroidery and sewing, I always wanted to do a Mandala embroidery but I didn’t know how to start, after reading your tutorial, I will give it a try. You did a beautiful work here!


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