Fox Luneville Hand Embroidery Course | Review

I would like to share with you my personal experience of participating in online self-paced Fox embroidery course – here you can learn basics of Luneville technique, if you already own a Luneville or Tambour hook. You can also do whole project with only needle.

The most exciting thing for me was – when I saw the furry tail of this beautiful Fox. It looks so soft and gentle and I really was eager to know, how to create this beautiful tail.

Name of courseLuneville Embroidery Fox Course
Finished productFox Applique
TeacherInga Marita
Duration of course1 month for purchasing supplies + 1 month to watch all lessons and finish Applique
LevelBeginner Luneville Embroidery and/or Beginner Needle Embroidery
LanguageRussian and English
PriceCheck for price & availability HERE

My experience *

I have found the course on Instagram. I have applied and it took me approx. 3 weeks for supplies to arrive. I was browsing on Pinterest and I was looking at different pictures of Foxes when I say a photo of beautiful white Arctic Fox. I tried to capture this white beauty.

The whole course has 6 lessons. Each lesson covers different techniques – how to work with beads, sequins, leather and fur. Details are photographed and additional explanations are also provided.

I would probably finish my project sooner, but I decided not to follow the traditional colours of Foxes (white and orange), but I like my end result. My Fox has all the techniques that were shown by teachers during the course.

Teachers also provide clear instructions on how to take care of finished applique – if you will sell your designs and products, you must also educate your customers on how to take care of your finished embroidery – beads and sequins are delicate materials and must be taken care of properly. I wish to sell my creations in the future, so these instructions were very valuable for me.


Yes, it was worth the money. This course covered many different techniques. Sewing was clearly displayed and all of my questions were answered in English by the teacher. When you finish your online class and provide teachers with photography of your finished work, you also receive a certificate.

* I have written this review based on my personal experience as a student in the online class.  No one has sponsored or paid me to write this review.

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