Are you looking for DIY needle felting projects for beginners? I have several cool ideas with you and I added some lace and embroidery magic to add that special final touch. These techniques will make your projects unique and stand out from others.

So, let’s dive into

Materials – DIY needle felting projects for beginners

You will need several supplies for suggested DIY needle felting projects:

– Needle-feeling needles,

– needle felting wool – work with colours that you already have,

– embroidery needle,

– needle felting mat,

– embroidery thread,

– lace (optional),

– scissors.

Cat Browny

You can create this cute cat Browny by following a few steps:

1. Needle felt a cone shape with the base colour,

2. start creating head and ear shapes,

3. use DIY wire for the tail. Estimate how long a tail your cat will have and cut wire,

4. wrap colour wool around the tail and use a fine needle felting needle to secure wool

5. connect body and tail with wool and needle,

6. add lace and embellishments,

7. embroider eyes and nose for the face with embroidery needle and thread.

You can also check out my process on YouTube – pictures included

Miss Gnome

Miss Gnome is a cute little project and adds a little more complexity to your needle felting skills. I really enjoyed working on this project because gnomes are so cute and mystical creatures. I loved to watch cartoons with gnomes when I was a child.

1. Needle felt a cone shape with the base colour,

2. add a small ball for the nose,

3. add colour wool for the body,

4. add hair in the colour of your choice,

5. add colour wool for the hat,

6. add lace and beads to embellish Miss Gnome.

I have also made a YouTube video of my process:


Conclusion – DIY needle felting projects for beginners

Please, let me know in the comments how you like DIY needle felting projects for beginners. DIY needle felting is enjoyable art, you can make so many different things, and options are really limitless.

Here you can check out my BLOG easy one-stitch projects for beginners.

If you are looking for a needle felting video for a specific project, let me know in the comments. If you find your idea interesting, I will make it and add it to my library of videos.

XX ‘Till next time, enjoy creating,


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